Lissa's In Home Animal Care


"You did a great job with communication.  We didn't have to worry when we were away.  Thank you so much!" --Dean and Michelle R.

"After literally several years, I finally found a great pet sitter.  She is wonderful with them, a vet tech and even sent the dogs a Christmas card this year!"  --Lisa S.

"My experience working with Melissa in caring for our horses together has been exceptional.  Melissa is an wonderful, professional person.  She is hardworking with an excellent work ethic.  No task is too small or too big for her to do with caring for the horses.  We have arranged a feeding schedule and we split the work caring for the horses on a daily basis.   Melissa is timely and thorough with caring for the horses which includes grooming, feeding, cleaning the stalls and tack.  She has never missed a feeding or made a call at the last minute to say she was not available to feed.  Melissa is very responsible and trustworthy.    She is always doing little extra things around the barn and with the horses that are greatly appreciated and very helpful.

Melissa not only has years of experience taking care of her own horses, but has recently graduated with honors from Wilson College with a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medical Technology and Equine Studies.  On multiple occasions, she has assisted me or has performed by herself the needed medical treatment for my horses.   

Several times within the last year, Melissa has taken responsibility for the complete care of our horses and dog while my family has gone on vacation.  Melissa did an excellent job caring for the horses and dog while we were gone. In the past, my family and I rarely took vacations because of the difficulty finding someone confident enough to care for the horses and our pets.  Now, I do not worry about anything concerning the animals because I know they are in exceptional hands with Melissa caring for them.  Melissa's loving manner, wide knowledge base and multiple experiences enhances her capabilities for caring for anyone's pets under any circumstance.

Based upon my association with Melissa, I can unequivocally give her my highest recommendation.  She is an asset to anyone requiring care for the beloved pets."
-Deb Glass, Airville, PA

"As a student, Melissa excelled.  Her intelligence is reflected in her academic achievements.  Melissa completed a double major in Veterinary Medical Technology (VMT) and Equestrian Studies with a minor in Psychology. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Donna Gomer VMT award. This honor recognizes the VMT student in the Adult Degree Program with the highest grade point average. It was a pleasure to see such an ambitious individual receive this award.

Outside of the classroom, Melissa proved to be a reliable and competent caretaker for the variety of species of animals housed at Wilson College. She was diligent in her duties regardless of the task. As an avid bird owner, she volunteered to give a presentation on bird husbandry to VMT students. This presentation was phenomenal and a reflection of her knowledge and passion for all animals. In addition, Melissa proved to be an asset to her fellow students. She was generous enough with her time to provide struggling first-year students with study and time –management advice. With her insight and encouragement, many of these students were able to successfully navigate their first year of college. Her willingness to help others is testament of her character.

Melissa is a kind and thoughtful person with a great sense of humor. I have confidence that Melissa will provide any animal entrusted to her with upmost care and compassion."
-Tina Roles, Instructor and Facility Manager, Wilson College

"Melissa Weitkamp was a student for 3 semesters  and a student assistant instructor for  2 semesters in my riding classes at Wilson College where she received a Bachelor of Science with dual majors in Veterinary Medical Technology and Equestrian Studies and with minors in psychology and business.  Melissa is an extremely compassionate person and a responsible and energetic worker. I know her to have the horsemanship skills for proper care for horses.  She is capable and caring with all animals and sympathetic with people.  I would trust her to care for my animals."
-Judy Blessing, Riding Instructor and Horse Show Manager, Wilson College; Owner, Creek View Equestrian Center