Lissa's In Home Animal Care


Client Forms and Contracts

Terms of Service
Please review our service terms prior to requesting service.  Terms are updated periodically.

In Home Animal Care Request Forms
New Clients
Please call for availability.  If you are accepted as a new client, please follow these instructions:

New customers should print the New Client Packet, review and fill in the information requested in ink.  Please have the completed forms ready at the Initial Booking Consultation in your home.  Plan to spend 30-90 minutes reviewing your pet care and home care information at the initial appointment.

Current Clients
You may place your Online Service Request electronically, or call us to request service.  If you use the online request, please click submit, then print 2 copies.  Sign one copy and leave it for your pet sitter.  Please let us know if you encounter any problems, or if we don't respond to your submitted service request within 24 hours.